At Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy

Travel Care Services

Are you traveling outside the United States?
Do you have health concerns?

Let us help you navigate the travel health path!


Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy provides a full service travel consultation and immunization program that ensures you’ll receive a thorough plan that addresses any health concerns that you may have while out of the country, what preventive medications may be required, including immunizations, as well as any over the counter products that you may need. This multi-faceted program offers so much more.  


Preparation for departure

  • Alerts
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Malaria
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Diseases
  • Health articles 


Business and Cultural Information

  • Cultural tips
  • Embassy information
  • Local news
  • Traveler tools
  • Financial information
  • Entry and Departure
  • Country facts
  • World Health Organization medical alerts
  • US and worldwide travel alerts


Services You May Need While There

  • Healthcare
  • Safety
  • Medical referral
  • Telecommunications
  • Routine medical care
  • Food and water
  • Emergency information
  • Electricity and plugs


For more information on travel and health, visit the CDC travel medicine website at

To sign up today, please call the Fairview location at 270-842-4515.