Free Children’s Vitamin Program

Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy has announced the launch of its new free children’s vitamin program. The program provides children ages 2 to 12 years old a monthly supply of multivitamins at no cost.

This program is one hundred percent about the health and well being of our children,” said Steve Sheldon, president of pharmacy operations for Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy. “At home and especially at school, kids come in contact with an abundance of germs and bacteria. If they are getting the right vitamins and minerals, their bodies are better able to fight potential illness.

Our free vitamin program is a win-win for both kids and their parents,” said Shaun Curtis, staff pharmacist at Sheldon’s. “Enrolling in the program is quick and easy. When parents are making their routine trips to Sheldon’s, they can pick up their child’s monthly supply.

To participate in the free children’s vitamins program, parents simply need to stop by the nearest Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy and enroll their child or children. A 30-day supply of a children’s multivitamin will then be provided every month, free of charge.