Flu, COVID and Strep Testing

At Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy, the convenience you have always enjoyed has just gotten even better.

With our Express Care Access Program our pharmacists can now test for Influenza A & B, COVID, and Strep.

Currently, we are unable to bill your insurance for the testing service.  The great news is that the price of the tests is, in many cases, are lower than your copay or deductible. The flu test runs $30 and the strep test is $30. Any prescriptions or over the counter medications will be an additional expense but the prescription medication is billable to your insurance

With the Rapid Flu, COVID, and Strep test, we will receive the results within minutes of administration

Our trained staff will collect a sample based upon the test that you will be receiving. The Flu tests requires a nasal swab and the strep tests requires a throat swab.

No, simply stop in to any Kentucky located Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy and get your test today.