COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID vaccines are available based on eligibility requirements established by state and federal government, as well as available vaccine inventory.
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With your RX Number handy, you can easily order refill of your medications through any of our convenient Sheldon's locations online with six easy steps!

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Learn why immunizations are so important, and how Sheldon's Express Pharmacy is adding the convenience of an immunization clinic right in our pharmacy!

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Flu and Strep Testing

Now with our Express Care Access Program our pharmacists can now test for Influenza A & B and Strep.

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Its simple to transfer your current prescriptions to any of our convenient Sheldon’s locations. We just need a bit of information from you, and we do the rest!

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About Sheldon’s Pharmacy

One now can walk into any Sheldon's Express Pharmacy and see what simply can be described as amazing. The Sheldon's operate the largest single Independent drug store in this part of the country. While national averages range about 180 prescriptions daily, the Fairview branch in Bowling Green fills well over 1000 prescriptions in the 9 hours they are open daily. They utilize state of the art technology and also lead in the industry in this area.

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